My hair 

My hair is such a touchy thing for me. See, I am not the best with a lot of things and hair is one of them.

You know this hair is my shit,

rode the ride, I gave it time

But this here is mine

– solange


See I never actually never ‘learnerd’ how to comb and take care of my hair cause I was so afraid of pain. When I was younger, my dad was the one who took me to pre-school, I remember him putting on a purple beanie on my head and sending my to school.

Getting braids was a rare thing for because, as I said, I was and still am afraid of pain. I remember getting “da brats” or 3 strand braids and my pre-school teacher said they where too long and I such cut them (that was totally irrelevant but necessary)

Fast forward to grade 7 and I remember the date correctly  (August 22 2013) I got  dreads and boy, did I hate them! I did not like them because I felt to ordinary. I felt like I had no creativity, just lifeless strands on my head. But I eventually started liking them and became very fond of my hair.

Fast forward to June 24 2016 when I cut my dreads off. I felt so wired and awkward, but it had to be done. Then I tried to get a perm but it didn’t come out 😭😭 I felt like such a fool!
Fast forward to now, my hair is soooo  bad like, wow. Wow.

School is coming I don’t what to do but I have to cut it *sings cut it song*
I really want to go natural but is such a hassle I’m I’m just not ready

I will be documenting my hair journey as it goes

Thanks for reading

Ohh  and I love head wraps


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