2016-12-23 08.46.46 1-01.jpegThe amount of L’s I have taken this year are extraordinary and so are the disappointments but none the less we did it, it is over and we will never have another 2016 again.

This post is about my likes of the year two thousand and sixteen.


  • Masego – Losse Thoughts


I discovered Masego on Bri Hall’s YouTube channel and I loved his sound. His sound is a good mix of jazz and all things nice. My favorite songs are Wifeable and Send yo Rita


  •  Solange – A Seat At The Table


I have been a fan of Solange since True Ep. I love dance moves and style and when this album came out I was the happiest. My favorite songs are Don’t touch my hair and Tina taught me

  • Majid Jordan – Majid Jordan


I am a die hard Majid Jordan stan and that’s not going to change anytime soon. I was so happy when the album came out (when you feel like they are your friends). My favorite songs are Make It Work, Small Talk and the whole album.I can sing it word for word

  • Tinashe  

img_20161123_114215 just a wow

  • Soundcloud

I always say my soundcloud is the soundtrack to my life and through out this year it has check it out

Personalities and Influencers 

  • Lulama Wolf


The CEO of sports lux, Lulama is a blogger and Influencer. Her style is minimalist sports lux with a hint of nice things.

  • Lindixo


Lindi is the girl next door. Her style and instagram are goals. She is going places

  • Tothe9s


Moving outside SA now, one of my favorite YouTuber duo Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan. Their faith and passion is really present in their content and they are just so much fun.

  • The lineup


Swedish YouTuber duo Maya and Julia or simply know and The lineup are bomb. The stunning cinematography and style is awesome

  • Chloé Vero


My inspiration. Chloé is plus size model and she is amazing. She is so relatable.

Check out my YouTube channel coming soon




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